The WEIGHMAN Weighbridge WIB series has heavy duty Weighing and Data Pulsing Systems specially designed for bulk carriers, manufacturing units, Ship yards, and transit interfaces involved with Truck Freight.

The maintenance free system is optimally designed for better stability compared to other obsolete methods of Truck Weighing, repeatability and zero temperature drift in operating conditions. The entire platform and the structural framework is fabricated with mild steel of high tensile strength. The load cells are hermitically sealed with IP-68 standards for applications in rugged, wash-down environments. They are also compensated for wide temperature range from 5OC to 55OC to suit harsh weather conditions.

Weigh Bridge

Load cells form integral and most critical component of an electronic weighbridge. It is very important to have right kind of Load cell and their mounting assemblies in order that the electronic weighbridge be accurate, sturdy, durable and failproof. WEIGHMAN use Double-ended shear beam Load cells in the construction of electronic weighbridges.

Double-ended shear beam are constructed of special high alloy steel. These load cells will typically withstand 150% to 200% of rated capacity without any damage, and 300% of the rated load without mechanical failure. Prominent features of these Load cells are:

  • Low creep and fast return to zero.
  • Excellent linearity and repeatability.
  • Meets International specifications & certifications.
  • Sealed to IP-68 standards.
  • Unique feature of In-built / Lightning protection circuit that offers 100% fail safe protection.
  • Insensitive to axial loads and bending moments.
  • Electro less nickel-plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Extended temperature ranges.
  • Greater adverse load capability.
  • Lower sensitivity to adverse loads.
  • Higher tolerance to dynamic forces and vibrations.
  • Measurements are theoretically independent of load position in the longitudinal axis, meaning low induced errors as a result of thermal expansion and contraction (of a weigh platform, for instance).
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